My Poetry

 A few poems penned by me :

" I Create My Dreams "

Everything about my past is existing still,
Still growing within me like as if I am carrying an unwanted child within my belly,
My memories and me,
We are that inseparable.

And I can't sleep because of that.
And then I can't sleep also because I have dreams in my eyes ,
Dreams that keeps me awake,

All that which is not there in my surroundings to soothe me,
I create in my soul.

Because I felt so alone in my loneliness.

I Grow Wings to Fly :

I see more than what meets the eye.

Where there is water,
I see the river,
Where there is sky,
I see dreams.
Where there is a leaf,
I see life.

Where there is life,
I see colours,

Where there is wind,
I can hear a song,

Where there is stagnation,
I grow wings to fly.

Where there is agony,hate,violence and pain,
I see decay
And escape from it
Through the rabbit hole…

I am an eternal child..
I have stopped counting my age since I was 5

I see more than what meets the eye,
Where there is decay, I grow wings to fly.

 To Life, To The Summers of Life

I harden my jaws,
Tighten my fist ,
Grow tiger claws,
Numb my senses,
Each time I meet you.

I harden my soul,
Take up more and more burdens,
Each time I climb up and down the mountains,

I strengthen my feet,
Now I do not have to move an inch,
Each time the ground beneath my feet shifts.

I look ordinary,
But I have a hard hitting soul.

strengthen my cheeks,
Now ready to take any number of blows,
I numb my senses,
Now, any w-e-a-p-o.n of mass destruction can easily pass through.

I adopt pain as my daughter,
And silence as my son.
Each year I have seen them grow from strength to strength,
They do not talk to each other.

Nothing can move me,
I do not blame anyone,
Because of the rebel within me…

Hit me,
Scratch me,
But I have always nurtured a heart made of temper proof wood.


Getting Lost...

Today, I refuse to take any demands from anyone- but life,
Want to get away from all the self imposed burdens
Don’t want to exchange any pleasantries, however pleasant they maybe,
Just want to excuse myself from all the formal duties and courtesies,

Today, I do not want to tie my hair
But let it loose so that the wind can play with it.,

I want to walk barefoot on the free grass, not on the floors of a concrete society,
Want only the birds, trees,leaves,winds and flowers for company,
Just want to get away from the crowd , if possible for a moment !

I want to get lost,
Want my mind to get lost

It was dark inside my mother’s womb
But light when I was out
The light got dimmer and dimmer afterwards
But no !
I do not want to go back there again,
I am searching for a place, safe but not dark,
I have come so far only to change this suffocation inside,
I want to reach a place
Where upon reaching
Man ceases to be a man
And becomes an eternal peaceful soul.


Nobody Waits for you, My Friend,

Nobody waits for you , my friend.
Life goes on as usual, even after these silent deaths.
The horse has to draw its carriage,
And the farmer has to sow seeds,
It has to rain for the paddy to grow
And flowers to bloom.

Who waits for whom ?


Only a Lifeless Thing can give me So Much Love {dedicated to my blog}

How can I ever forget that it was you who I turned to when all human agencies failed ?
 I found you in my saddest days when I had no friends.

You not only became my friend, you introduced me to a whole lot of other friends,
nameless, faceless, friends.

You showed me that I am not the only one who thinks the way I do.
There is a tribe out there.

You showed me who I am.

You urged me to tell the tale from my point of view, so many tales-I thought was not worth telling,

You greet me every morning with an open mind and I bid you goodbye with the promise of a new day, a new next day, with a new story.

You are my friend in solitude.

And even when you become just an old memory, remembering each and every word that I wrote on your face, feels like reading my favourite book, penned by me.

Our past always reminds me that even in my saddest days, I somehow had the strength to go on and create so much from a tattered soul.
And when we do not see each other for a long long time, I do miss you and feel like telling you another story.
When I do not speak to you for a day or two, or even a week,  I believe you understand that a story is being played in the background,
A story of a soul,
I do not tell stories when it is going on,
Only when it is over and done with.
When it becomes a distant memory.
And that is the right time to meet you {I feel }.

You are the only one who would listen patiently without judging.
You are the only one who would urge me to tell the tale from my point of view, with all the mistakes , and more mistakes,

After all, words blurted out in an empty room hurts no one.
Here,visitors come uninvited, out of their own will and stay back on their own will.
They return and re-return on their own will too.
When nobody wants to reach, you are always there like an old doll I like playing with or a piece of a vintage furniture, I like staring at, over and over again, for its unscathed beauty.
Only a lifeless thing can give me so much  love.

( dedicated to my blog )

 I loved my friends, gave them their...I loved my haters, gave them...

“I loved my friends,
Gave them their due,
I loved my haters,
Gave them their due too,
I loved myself too,
Gave myself my due,
And everytime I gave love, I won the battle of life.

I am full of love,
So, if I give some
Even to my haters,
Even to those who do not love me,
If I give love as a "gift",
I will not be poor,
I will still be left with so much,
Because I have a lot,
A lot of love inside me".


The Other

My pain,
Just like my happiness,
is all mine.
They are my prized possessions.
I Love them alike,
Cannot deeply feel the one without the other..

When happiness deserts me,
Pain embraces me in its safe arms…

There can be no summer without winter
Life without death,
Blessing without curse,
Feelings without feelinglessness,
Decisions without confusions,
Beauty without ugliness,
Present without past,
Memory without amnesia,
Abundance without void,
Cannot deeply know the one without knowing the other.
Cannot deeply feel the one, without feeling the other.

Me without you.
Me in you,
Are the same.

Such an intimate part of me,
I nurtured it for so long,
Hard to let it go now…
But I do not worry much,
It will find its way back home,
Safe in my arms...

And love was always there even in pain.


I was Weaving Dreams…

I was away…
I was weaving dreams in my own world,
Like a little girl who weaves a little braid in her doll’s hair,
Like a little boy who chases a butterfly…
I was away..
In sickness,
I was chasing dreams..
In the cup of life,
I was looking at the coffee foam,
Trying to see what was underneath…
I was weaving dreams
After swallowing that bitter pill…
I was creating life,
One day at a time..
I was riding a swing,
Going up in the air, forward…and then backwards…
My head was swooning…
I took a break.
And now I am back from my childhood playground
Weaving dreams again
This time,
I was sniffing life…
In the spice box of homemade masalas.


Will the life of my dreams, 

Stay forever in my dreams ?

35 long  years on this earth,
Each day I contemplate on the same question.

That I am asking the same question
Might give you the feeling that I have accepted it as my fate
Yet, silly me,
I dream on...

I dream on after the earthquake cracks the land and the tsunami takes away lives
When people fight with each other

When people fight,
When the sun refuse to shine
I take shelter under a cloudy sky

Reading this may make you wonder:
“She needs some rest.
“Again, She has been thinking too much.”

No, I am not.
These are my feelings
And feelings cannot be too little or too much

Only that much that I can bear
After that everything is washed away in tears…
A new morning will come
This time, it will be different.

Silly me,
I am again dreaming…